Dev4Press v6.0 Update

Dev4Press Network is updated today with the brand new design for all websites, new themes, improved content organization and more. Web sites related to themes are now removed, individual plugins micro websites are also gone and replaced by much improved main Plugins website.

Security Hardening

In the past few weeks, Dev4Press Network had several downtimes. After working with the SiteGround support, we have identified several IP’s that were sources of the increased number of requests sent to Dev4Press. So, to minimize the downtime, and eliminate attacks, I have enabled the full power of GD Security Toolbox Pro plugin. Here is […]

Dev4Press v5.2 Update

Dev4Press Network is updated today to further enhance user experience with the website, improve performance and upgrade to latest WordPress version. The list of changes to the network includes: All websites: WordPress 4.6 New mailer system using HTML emails Some of the themes updated Remove some unused database tables Fixes to many small errors logged […]