In the past few weeks, Dev4Press Network had several downtimes. After working with the SiteGround support, we have identified several IP’s that were sources of the increased number of requests sent to Dev4Press. So, to minimize the downtime, and eliminate attacks, I have enabled the full power of GD Security Toolbox Pro plugin.

Here is the overview of changes made:

  • Content Security Policy header with Live reporting
  • Antispam for comments and trackbacks
  • Antispam for bbPress topics and replies
  • Login attempts limiter
  • Project Honeypot IP Ban for all suspicious IP’s
  • Login Honeypot
  • Username Trap
  • Registration control filters

In the first hour, there were 15 temporary banned IP addresses and 4 permanently banned IP addresses for various violations. I will continue to monitor events log to make sure that real users don’t get banned. If you have problems with accessing parts of the website, you can contact me via Twitter or Facebook:

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